Battle of Stamps #7: edition 2014

Welcome to the 2014-Battle of Stamps, and thank you so much for contributing!! I hope 2014 was a good year for you, and if not or if so, either way I hope 2015 will get (even) beter!

For me 2014 was a year of (sorry to say) a bit less stampmaking, as I decided to start running, for which I needed a lot of time. I trained myself from 0 km to 16,1 km (10 miles), trained during weekdays, -evenings and weekends and managed to run the Dam-to-Dam-run in September, which made me very proud. So here is my 2014-stamp (4×5,5cm):


Claudie from ‘La Petite Verrière’ made these sweet forest-inspired stamps, because 2014 remembers her of “marvellous walks with snowshoes near fir trees, we see tracks of birds, chamois…”:

verriere1 verriere2Caroline from ‘Encreetcrayon’ visited Istanbul in October and adapted one of her pictures she made there into a marvellous stamp:

istanbul1 istanbul2

I am very glad to see how Laetitia from Caveutdirelajoie refound her gauges! She was inspired by Japanese art she saw this year and made this beautiful wave (which might represent 2014 in some ways):

vague1 vague2

Aurélie from Le Bal des Sylphes joined with a pretty Escher-design, as repetition was (too much) part of her ‘2014’-and not in the best way! Lets hope 2015 will be better:

escher1 escher2

Karen from Thisone’saboutstamps managed to contribute within two days!  She made a nice graphic stamp of a selfie-sketch, as 2014 brought her the joy of sketching:

sketch1 sketch2

Sarah and Flo from Tadaam made a nice symbolic, double contribution! Sarah choose a fastforward symbol, as 2014 progressed so quick for her! Flo choose a orange cone, which represents for her a buildingsite in all kind of ways: in 2015 there was work to do on the blog, health and house:


pilonMélanie from Chez Mélba found herself a new job in 2014, in a city called Saint Nazaire, which is reknow for its fishing industry. So guess what her great stamp is about:

pecheries1 pecheries2

And last but not least, Delphine made a gorgeous stamp, published at Laetitia’s stampingblog, representing the actor  Xavier Dolan, who performs in an movie that was Delphines favourite in 2014:

mommy3 mommy2


So, now I am off to my champagne! It was a great ending of 2014 to me to have another Battle of Stamps and to enjoy all this new stampwork, thank you! And I sincerely hope 2015 will bring the best for all of us. Take care,




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8 Responses to Battle of Stamps #7: edition 2014

  1. Karen schreef:

    Ilse, you made a very nice one! And congratulations on your developed running-skills :). Very nice to see everyone back after such a long time. I’m going to pay a visit to all websites later today. Feliz aña nobo!

  2. Bronia schreef:

    Ha Ilse, wat heb je het weer goed voor elkaar gekregen. Al die fantastische bijdragen van al die getalenteerde mensen. En die van jouzelf natuurlijk ook. Ik heb erg weinig met stempels gedaan afgelopen jaar. Vandaar dat ik ook geen kans zag om deze keer mee te doen. Maar ik neem mij voor om er dit jaar weer meer aan te gaan doen. En weer mee te doen aan een “battle” als jij of iemand anders die organiseert.

  3. Aurélie schreef:

    Thank you ! Happy new year Ilse !!!!

  4. Laetitia schreef:

    thanks a lot Ilse, a great stamp , for a great sport !
    I wish you a happy new year!

  5. Mélba schreef:

    Hi Ilse! Thanks a lot for the last minute idea of this battle. Your stamp is very nice with many details in a very small surface! Congrats! See you soon for the next battle!! Greetings

  6. With différent colours, your stamp seems to be a cartoon, or a comic book! Very sucessful !
    Very good New Year 2015 with running ant sport !
    Thank you for this battle !

  7. Thanks Ilse for this new battle ! Well done with your running girl, amazing job for a stamp so little ! Love the colours and admire your motivation. Have a wonderful and creative year !

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