Battle of Stamps #4

This is my contribution to Laëtitia’s Battle of Stamps #4 (theme: childrens books). And please, please check here to admire what the other contributors made!

P1070136Guus Kuijer is a Dutch author I got to know by his five books about the girl Madelief. I loved those books when I was a child, kept rereading them until my collegeyears and the books (I own them in the shown omnibus) survived several rounds of bookshelf-cleaningup. This battle made me read them again for the first time since, well years, and I still loved every page of them.

To me, Madelief appears a girl about 7-8 years old in the first book, and approximately 11 years old in the last one. She is a rather dominant, selfconscious type of girl, but also warmhearted, cheeky and witty in her contact with other children. And a tomboy. She lives in an unnamed big city in the Netherlands, with her unnamed mother -who works a lot. The books were written mainly in the seventies of the 20th century, and that tells. Her mother very empathically doesn’t need a man, Madelief doesn’t go to daycare when her mother works but is left alone a lot, and her mother and teacher are very much the nonautoritairy raising kind of people.


What I like mostly in the books, is the fact that it describes real life with all its struggles -in a way it still is appealing to read for young children for who the books are meant in the first place. In short chapters is described how Madelief plays with her friends (and fights with them), is discovering the world around her, and above all, is trying to understand adult people. Who are, in Kuijers books, very often weird, sometimes unreliable, and most of the time, very non-understandable Human Beings.





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6 Responses to Battle of Stamps #4

  1. Karen schreef:

    Ja, natuurlijk! Guus Kuijer met Madelief! Ik heb zelf, als kind van ’69, alle boekjes los, met als eerste deel ‘Grote mensen, daar kun je beter soep van koken’. Lees ze af en toe nog voor aan logeetje… Je hebt een prachtige stempel van haar gemaakt, Ilse.

  2. Ingrid schreef:

    Geweldige boeken, ik heb ze ook met veel plezier en vaak luidop lachend gelezen ! Als kind van ’72 dan 🙂

  3. Tchac schreef:

    I really like your stamp! I don’t know these books but I ‘d like to read them now! I’m very admirative of authors who can speak about real life with joy and struggle through the books which are destinate to children.

  4. Bouwjaar ’79, en ik verslond deze boeken ook! 🙂
    Mooi gedaan!

  5. Bernardine schreef:

    Goed gelukt!
    Ik heb nog even gegoogled op Mance Post. Ze is uit 1925 en leeft nog!
    Ik dacht overigens altijd dat het een man was…..
    Je ziet het: ik las ze ook!

  6. Laetitia schreef:

    I don’t know this character but I love how you did it!

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